Football odds APIs have changed how we analyze and access this type of sports data. By using them to receive comprehensive statistics and real-time updates, they have become invaluable for developers and fans alike. Football odds APIs can be used to improve chances of winning and relay accurate information.

However, multiple odds APIs can be used to draw data, so which one should you choose? Very often, by looking at the features and prices, you can determine whether or not a specific alternative is a good fit. In this article, we will compare different football odds APIs so that you can make the appropriate choice.

Top Football Odds APIs to Consider

Football betting odds APIs come with different features and prices, making the choice between them particularly challenging. Below are some of the most popular alternatives:

  • SportsGameOdds: SportsGameOdds puts all the football data you may need to access in one space. You can access the information on the website or the app, making it an attractive option for those constantly on the go.
  • TheRunDown: A free odds API where you can get live insights into the sports betting marketplace. Aside from NFL live data, you can use the API to draw info on other sports, such as the NBA or UFC.
  • SportMonks: Popular among developers, SportsMonk offers coverage from more than 240 countries. You can use it to get data on anything from the Champions League to La Liga.
  • API-SPORTS: Focusing mainly on football betting odds, this option is suitable for those requiring around-the-clock access to live data.
  • The-Odds-API: Convenient for a series of in-season sports such as NFL, Aussie Rules, CFL, and college football, it offers a variety of live odds for bettors.

These Football Odds APIs draw their information from numerous bookmakers, whether they are from the US or the UK. Your choice depends on your budget and preferences.

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Comparing the Features and Prices

Each football betting API is unique, bringing different prices and features. Here is what you can enjoy from the most popular ones.

1.     SportsGameOdds

SportsGameOdds has some of the most comprehensive features that you can enjoy, including:

  • More than 55 leagues over 25+ sports
  • Access to player props, futures odds, and game props
  • Pre-match, over-unders, live odds, and money lines
  • Updated data in less than a minute.
  • Statistics and scores mixed with 100% odds
  • Access to historical data

You can use it to track various football scores, from the NFL and NCAA to the USFL, XFL, and CFL. It has a comprehensive list of scores, all updated in real time.

Odds API prices are relatively affordable, with each plan coming with a free trial. The Amateur plan can be tried for free, and it gives you plenty of features, such as 10 requests per minute and access to metadata. The Rookie Plan is more comprehensive at $75 per month, whereas the Pro plan is available at $299. The latter gives you unlimited objects, which TheRunDown does not offer.

2.    TheRunDown

TheRunDown, another popular football odds API has multiple features you can enjoy, the most notable being the live scores and the instant line updates. You can use it to:

  • Check teams and schedules
  • Look at team rankings
  • Get venue info
  • Access TV broadcasts
  • See instant line updates

Unfortunately, the 24/7 customer support and WebSocket Push API features are limited unless you opt for the customized (and most extensive) package.

This sportsbook API comes with numerous pricing systems that you may consider based on your preferences. Users can begin with a two-week free trial to try out all the API settings, with the highest limits possible. After that, prices start at $64.99 per month for the Pro V2 package or $249.99 for the Start-Up V2 package. TheRunDown also offers an Enterprise 2 package, which can be customized based on your needs.

3.     SportMonks

SportMonks offers a variety of attractive features that developers and fans can enjoy, including the following:

  • Live scores and statistics
  • Live players and team data
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Live odds and predictions
  • Multiple language display
  • Developer-friendly API
  • 30,000+ users

The simple features of SportMonks make it easy to add to a platform, but it lacks the longer list of features offered by football betting API, such as SportsGameOdds and The Rundown. There is a 14-day free trial, with the basic package starting at $121 per year. Prices get higher the more preferences you have, with the Advanced Plan starting at $215 per month, paid yearly.


API-SPORTS offers multiple settings you can enjoy, making it stand out from APIs like SportMonks. Its primary features include:

  • Livescore updates
  • Line-ups and players
  • Pre-match and live odds
  • Easy developer integration
  • 24/7 support
  • Access to historical data

In terms of features, it holds most similarities to SportsGameOdds, offering extensive coverage. Prices start at $29 per month, but the more premium packages can go as high as $199 per month. This makes it a more expensive option than other APIs.

5.     The-Odds-API

The-Odds-API is an efficient football odds API famous for its easy integration and wide sports variety. Football enthusiasts and developers alike enjoy it due to the following features:

  • Access to more than 40 bookmakers and over 70 sports
  • Numerous betting market odds, including moneylines, over-under, and futures odds
  • Access to bookmakers from the US, UK, EU, and Australia
  • Developer-friendly format, making it easy to install on a website
  • Requests going from 500 to 12 million per month, depending on the plan
  • Access to historical data

Prices depend primarily on how many requests you want per month and whether or not you require historical odds. The starter pack is free, but access to historical data is limited. The 12 million request plan costs $199, which may not be as satisfying as the unlimited requests of SportsGameOdds.

The Bottom Line: Football Odds APIs

In the end, your choice of football API depends on your preferences and budget. So far, SportsGameOdds has the most extensive list of features at a reasonable price with good documentation, but it’s always best to compare all programs and see which one works best for you.

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