Football Betting Odds API

Our football odds API provides accurate, current data for the NFL, NCAAF, USFL and XFL. The system is ideally suited for individuals developing a betting model or for niche sports apps and betting platforms. 


Requests & Responses


Requests are made to the football API via HTTPS URLs and responses are returned in JSON format. 


Once you have your odds API key, current football odds can be queried via several endpoints to access different types of data.  For example, If you wanted to fetch a list of all the teams in the NFL, your request would look something like this:

This will return a response that looks something like this:

A full list of endpoints, including their request options, response formats, example responses, and code samples can be found in our API Reference.

Football: API Odds with Results

Sports Game Odds API returns precise data, including: live and upcoming footaball games ( and their start times); home and away teams; thousands of odds -  including the spread, over/under, money line, player props and in-game betting options. The API provide both odds and results in one easy-to-use configuration, set up for seamless incorporation and satisfying utility. 

Football Odds API Features

Our odds API system is customizable to meet your individual needs and requirements. 

Key Features include:

  • Pre-Match and Live Odds on spreads, over-unders, and moneylines
  • Player Props, Game Props, and Futures Odds
  • Sub-Minute Update Frequency for real-time data
  • Historical Data Availability
  • Scores & Stats Coupled with 100% of Odds
  • Results Data for All Odds Provided
  • Partial Game Odds (e.g., halves, quarters, periods, rounds, sets)
  • Live In-Game Odds for dynamic betting
  • Comprehensive Player, Team, League, and Tournament Data
  • Detailed Documentation for easy integration
  • Free Support and Consulting for All Subscribers

Our football odds API is fully documented and offers extensive support for your platform on our paid packages. 

Reliable Odds API

Our systems are built by experienced software engineers who not only have a passion for sports betting, but have worked in the sports betting industry for many years; this combination of passion and knowledge enables us to offer our leading sports odds API: a fast, reliable sports betting API that you can trust - while retaining its convenience and the facility to be effortlessly integrated into your betting platform.

Integrate in Minutes


1. Select a Plan

Every plan offers a free trial period which we're happy to extend upon request


2. Get Your Key

After checking out you'll receive an API key by email which you can use to make requests


3. Integrate the API

Follow the docs and you'll be up and running in no time. We're here to help at any time if needed.


We offer a range of pricing options to meet your betting platform requirements. Find your perfect plan to integrate our betting odds API into your platform on our pricing page.

Yes, we offer all scores and results on football games for all odds, spreads, over-unders, player props, and more.

We offer access to live games, pre-match games, and markets that are continuously updated. A range of bet types are available including spreads, over-unders, player props, and live-in-game betting.

Yes, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial. See our pricing page for more details.

We offer just about all sports and are continually adding new sports, events and topics. Our most popular sports odds include but are not limited to: American Football (NFL), basketball, baseball, ice hockey, cricket, golf, rugby, esports, tennis, golf, soccer, MMA and motorsports. 

See out full sport offering on this page. 

Our documentation guides you through the process of how to connect and integrate our odds API into your platform. See API documentation.

A knowledgeable developer, by following our documentation, will be able to integrate our API into your application within a few hours.