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Step into the future of sports betting with our odds API, your premier source for reliable data presented in real-time with any and every college basketball game. Tune into this year’s March Madness tournament with our sports betting API, or watch any college basketball competition season while enjoying the passion of betting on your favorite team, follow your top players, or underdogs via our player statistics and get invested in the world of basketball. 


College basketball provides a wide range of betting markets, including point spreads, moneylines, totals, player props, and futures bets- this diversity of wagering options appeals to sports bettors of all levels, from casual fans to seasoned betters. 


This enables developers like us to offer you sports odds API’s for sportsbooks, betting platforms, betting software and various applications -  integrate seamless betting odds API coherently into your platform to amass users and retain a high level of engagement by offering a variety of bets, odds, statistics and results.

College Basketball Odds API Features

Our sports betting API system is fully customizable so that you can filter out the data you want whether it be sport, player-props, teams, or in-game betting options our odds API allows you to curate your feed to meet your individual needs and requirements. 

This sportsbook API platform is fully documented and offers extensive support for your platform on our paid packages, so that we can help developers incorporate our betting odds API effectively and to troubleshoot any problems that arise.

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College Basketball Betting: API Odds and Results

We pride ourselves as a top-end provider of betting API odds as we lead the way for sports betting by having an accurate and wide range of data for all college basketball games, presented in real-time so that users can make more informed decisions while taking part in sports betting. 

Our betting odds API returns precise data, including: live and upcoming college basketball games (and their start times); home and away teams; thousands of odds -  including the spread, over/under, money line, player props and in-game betting options. The odds API provides both odds and results in one easy-to-use configuration, set up for hassle-free incorporation and satisfying utility.

Fast: Betting Odds API

Our systems are built by experienced software engineers who not only have a passion for sports betting, but have worked in the sports betting industry for many years; this combination of passion and knowledge enables us to offer our leading sports odds API: a fast, reliable sports odds API that you can trust - while retaining its convenience and the facility to be effortlessly integrated into your betting model or platfrom.

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Yes, we offer all scores and results for all odds, spreads, over-unders, player props, and more.

We offer access to live games, pre-match games, and markets that are continuously updated. A range of bet types are available including spreads, over-unders, player props, and live-in-game betting.

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As a team of software engineers and betting fans we have put together extensive documentation on how to use, integrate and get the most out of sports betting odds API. 

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