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Betting Platforms: White Label vs Turnkey vs API 

Betting platforms are all the buzz lately, and how you set yours up will determine how it fares out in the online betting space. When creating a sports betting site or any other betting platform, you will be met with three main foundational options. Between White Label, Turnkey and APIs, you will be able to find the ideal solution for your betting platform needs. Of course, not all sports betting websites are the same, or offer the same access and functions to reach their following. Therefore a website has choices in terms of what type of sports betting website they want to be, and what service they want to offer their customers.

It is important to understand that the more limiting your website, the less popular it will be with the public that enjoys sports betting. In this regard, it is important to balance variety with your current resources. You can make great strides by simply opting for the platform foundation that suits your betting site best, and between these 3 main options, your golden path to success and betting popularity can be found.

The White Label Solution

This is the ideal choice for the website that wants to acquire a platform that is ready to launch quickly. As is the case with white-label services in general, you buy your solution from a third party and rebrand the product under your own name.

  • PROS – This type of solution offers most of the important features a website may need with regard to their requirements for quick launch, such as sports betting and casino games, payment options and all the important features relating to ongoing support. This is a great option for the developer or website looking for an almost immediate solution.

The white label solution is, for most websites, the answer to quick and relatively easy access to features they need to get going fast as a betting business. You can launch quickly and get your betting business up and running without unnecessary delays and wasted time. Also, technical expertise is hardly called for when you decide on the white label option, as the software and support systems needed are already built in and included in the package you acquire for your sports betting or related business. Also, because it is a pre-programmed service, one’s initial investment will be less costly than the case would be should you opt for a service with several bespoke or customized options. 

  • CONS – Most developers find that limited customization can be a drawback since every website has its own requirements with regard to customized features such as, logos, color and layout. Limited flexibility may become an issue. Also, because you are using the software of a third party, you may have to accept that certain limitations, also with regard to unique branding, could apply.

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The Turnkey Solution

This solution is similar in many ways to the white-label solution, but it offers a higher degree of control and customization so that the website can better discern itself from other similar services.

The solution makes it possible to use your template for your betting platform to employ your own specific design requirements and branding. You certainly have more control when compared to the white-label solution and can more easily create your own profile, look and feel.

  • PROS – When compared to the white label option, it is noted that the turnkey solution allows for more customization, which is often what a betting website would prefer. This option, similar to the white label solution, allows the website to be ready much quicker than, say, a custom-built option. A great feature is that this option is often designed to be scalable, therefore allowing developers to grow their business over time, and to make certain adjustments when called for.
  • CONS – As opposed to the white label solution, the turkey option requires more knowledge and expertise regarding technical aspects to develop it. Also, the initial investment to acquire the turnkey solution will be higher than would be the case for the white label solution since customization of features is often an important requirement.

API Integration Betting Solution

The API integration offers a high level of customized features since software from a third party can be applied to create a custom-built betting platform. Developers can acquire an API, with good betting odds API documentation, to meet their precise requirements, and this is an important step to ensure that they can build their custom betting platform. Website operators can benefit from an association with sports betting APIs since this collaboration, as it were, allows them to access a wide range of data and features they need to ensure they have a great sports betting site. This is commonly the most attractive option for those who want to go the extra mile.

  • PROS – In this case the developer enjoys total or complete control over design aspects, over functionality and user experience. This means that a customized sports betting platform that meets important individual needs and requirements can be created. This flexibility offers great options for development as well as scalability that allows for future growth. All in all, this is meant for the developer that wishes to lead in the betting world by creating a betting website that offers outstanding features.
  • CONS – Building a bespoke platform takes more time and a greater initial investment than is the case for the white label and turnkey solutions since more time and expertise are required to build this platform.

All of the options have their own pros and cons that need to be dually considered. Depending on the needs, requirements and expectations of the developer of the sports betting site, the decision will depend on the time and investment that is available. Therefore, some research upfront is always advised so that you know you get the most out of your sports betting site.

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