While there are several sports betting Odds APIs, this article will help you streamline your options. We discuss the best sports betting APIs according to Reddit. We will comprehensively discuss these odds APIs, their offerings, pricing plans, and why they are considered the best options by Reddit users and other experts.

As the online sports betting market constantly thrives in the United States, industry stakeholders and investors continue to look for smart ways to expand their base and increase customer satisfaction. For an industry whose revenue is projected to reach $9.6b in 2024 by Statista, and with an expected growth rate of 12.08% between 2024 and 2029, one could argue that the best is yet to come.

As a startup/established bookmaker or developer, one of the smartest moves you could make if you want to get ahead of the competition and increase your market share is to enhance customer satisfaction. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure you invest in the best API for your online betting site.

What are Sports Betting APIs?

Sports betting APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are a type of web-based interface that gives developers access to a variety of real-time sports data and other essential information from a single source. APIs play the role of linking sports data providers and betting platforms by ensuring seamless data integration into websites, mobile devices, and applications.

Sports betting APIs provide a wide range of data, including:

1. Real-time scores and statistics: Sports betting APIs are designed to deliver up to date scorelines, stats, and game updates as the events unfold.

2. Up-to-date odds and lines: Sports betting APIs also ensure real-time odds are sourced from various bookmakers. This ensures that players can compare odds and prices to enable them to make informed betting decisions.

3. Team and player performance data: APIs offer both current and historical data on player and team performances. They also provide data on stats, suspensions, and injuries.  

Other data available at the best sports betting APIs  include the following:

  •  Weather conditions
  •  Match schedules and fixtures
  •  League standings and rankings
  •  Player and team profiles

Top Sports Betting Odds APIs According to Reddit

Over the years, several forums on Reddit, such as r/algobetting/, r/sportsbooks and r/learnpython have extensively discussed betting APIs, their features, offers, and overall quality. Here, we have curated a list of the best sports betting APIs from the reviews and opinions of users on Reddit.

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SportsGame Odds

SportsGame Odds is one of the most powerful APIs that provide real-time sports betting odds and data for a wide range of events. This API is fitted with robust features which include pre-match access, live odds, and data, with a target to meet the needs of sportsbook operators, developers, and prediction model enthusiasts who need timely and accurate data.

SportsGame Odds also has comprehensive documentation that makes it easier to enhance betting platforms with extensive data. If you are looking to explore innovative solutions in sports betting, this odds API is definitely a great choice.


Some of the top features available on this Odds API include:

  • Pre-Match and Live Odds: Users get to access odds on several betting markets such as Moneyline, over-under, futures, and game props.
  • Historical Data: Users of this API can access comprehensive historical data for better analysis.
  • Partial Game and In-Game Odds: This feature covers pre-match and live in-game odds. This can help bettors make quick betting decisions.
  • Fast Updates: With this feature, updates get more accurate and faster, ensuring that users are up to date with relevant match information.
  • Results and Scores Integration: Every odds item is linked to results and scores for comprehensive coverage.

Data Coverage

The SportsGame Odds API also provides users with extensive coverage of major sporting events, including:


Basketball: NBA, NCAAB, G-League, WNBA

Baseball: MLB, WBC, KBO, NPB, CPBL


Soccer: International, MLS, Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, UEFA & Europa Champions League

Pricing Plan

For users who want to enjoy the features of Sports Game Odds API, you have access to flexible pricing plans. You can choose from one of the following pricing plans:

  • Amateur (Free): 1,000 objects per month, 10 requests per minute
  • Rookie ($99/month): 5 million objects per month, 60 requests per minute
  • Pro ($499/month): Unlimited objects per month, 1,000 requests per minute
  • All-Star (Custom): Unlimited objects and requests per month, streamed responses

It should be noted that SportsGame Odds also offer free trials and allow users to customize their plans.

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The Odds API

When it comes to reliability and precision, most top developers and sports betting operators on Reddit think The Odds API ranks quite well. The API possesses a good infrastructure and comprehensive documentation that helps with integration on most platforms. The API also provides users with a wide range of coverage and access to accurate updates from over 20 bookmakers.


Some of the top features users of The Odds API will have access to include:

  • Real-Time Odds Data: You can fetch real-time data from multiple bookmakers.
  • Easy Integration: Data feed in JSON format for seamless integration.
  • Odds Formats: Supports decimal and American odds formats.
  • Developer-Friendly: Detailed documentation and support for multiple programming languages.

Data Coverage

In the area of data coverage, users of The Odds can get access to a diverse range of sporting events which include:

  • Football: NFL, NCAA, CFL
  • Basketball: NBA, NCAA, WNBA, Euroleague
  • Baseball: MLB
  • Cricket: Test matches, IPL and Big Bash
  • Hockey: NHL, SHL, and Hockeyallsvenskan
  • Tennis: ATP, WTA, and all grand slams. 
  • Soccer: EPL, UEFA Europa & Champions League, La Liga, Serie A

Pricing Plan

The Odds API offers users a free plan with limited request. Here is a comprehensive list of the plans:

  • Starter (Free): 500 requests/month
  • START 20K ($25/month): 20,000 requests/month
  • START 90K ($49/month): 90,000 requests/month
  • START 4.5M($99/month): 4,500,000 requests/month
  • START 12M ($199/month): 12,000,000 requests/month
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OddsJam API

OddsJam is another highly-rated API on Reddit that works well for sports betting developers or brands who want a sophisticated API platform. With their services targeted at majorly US and Canadian markets, the brand has been able to build a reliable reputation.

This API boasts advanced filtering options that accommodate multiple odds formats such as decimals, American, and fractional. This makes it a great choice for developers and investors who require accurate and versatile betting data.


Here are some of the features of this sports betting API:

  • Real-Time Odds Data: Access real-time data from multiple bookmakers.
  • Advanced Filtering: Advanced data filtering and sorting capabilities.
  • Odds Formats: Support for decimal, American, and fractional odds formats.
  • Developer Support: Detailed documentation and dedicated customer support.
  • Mobile Interface: Mobile-friendly user interface.
  • Free Trial: 7-day free trial available.

Data Coverage 

The sports betting API provides comprehensive coverage of international sports events in the following areas:

  • Football: NFL, NCAA
  • Basketball: NBA, NCAA, WNBA
  • Baseball: MLB
  • Tennis: ATP, WTA, Grandlsams
  • Soccer: EPL, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League & Europa
  • Golf, NASCAR, and more

Pricing Plan

OddsJam API offers three pricing plans:

  • Plus Plan ($39/month): Unlimited matched opportunities and email alerts.
  • Industry Plan ($199/month): Positive EV bets, offshore bookies, and additional major sportsbooks.
  • Platinum Plan ($999/month): Circa Vegas odds, global sportsbooks, and live odds scanning.

The Rundown API

The Rundown API is another real-time sports data platform that provides updates, statistics, insights, and odds of a variety of sporting events. With patented technology, the team behind this API has built a platform that delivers accurate and fast data delivery. Users also get to enjoy its comprehensive data collection system which is pivotal to their betting needs. 


Some of the top features available to users of The Rundown API are:

  • Comprehensive Data: The API offers comprehensive data that covers real-time odds, scores, and insights.
  • Innovative Technology: The Rundown API is a patented tech that is designed for accurate data delivery. 
  • Extensive Sports Coverage: The API covers 6+ sports including soccer, American football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and MMA.
  • Variety of Data Types: Users get access to live scores, schedules, lineups, historical data, live stats, and more.

Data Coverage 

Here are some of the sports events that are covered by The Rundown API: 

  • Soccer
  • American Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • MMA

Pricing Plan

If you are looking to enjoy services provided by The Rundown API, there are four pricing plans you can choose from:

  • Basic ($24.99/month): 50 API calls/day
  • Pro ($48.99/month): 100 API calls/day
  • Ultra ($199.99/month): 1000 API calls/day
  • Mega ($999.99/month): 10,000 API calls/day

Conclusion: Best Sports Betting APIs According to Reddit

Football bettors now want more than a traditional platform to place their bets. They also desire access to quick data, updates, and real-time stats that can help them make informed betting decisions. This is what you must pay attention to as a stakeholder in the burgeoning online sports betting industry.

This article has provided information on the best sports betting APIs available now based on reviews from Reddit. These sports betting APIs are designed with features that cater to the needs of modern bettors. As a sportsbook or developer whose priority is providing punters with a seamless betting experience, you should consider investing in any of these sports betting APIs.